Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Where am I?

The question of the YEAR!!

Busy, thats where. haha! All is good and fine and BLESSED here at the Azar household. Just crazy.

More posts to come I hope. I have so much to share. So little moments of get away time to share them!

Here's to hoping your New Year is blessed.



Anonymous said...

Katie- I stop by just about every week to check on you. totally understand not having much personal free time to write when you have little ones. looking forward to getting some updates. DM

Ray said...

Its been awhile Kate, but my thoughts are always with you. So awesome to see your precious one
*hug*, Ray from New Zealand


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Anonymous said...


great to get an update on you hope all is well getting snow here looks amazing outside , a word that definitely describes you..... D